Unlimited shipping labels for $9.99

We’re super excited to announce our latest shipping labels add-ons!  Thanks to all of you wonderful folks that use Sonlet for tracking your inventory, posting to Facebook, and tracking your orders, we’re now able to offer the lowest advertised price on shipping labels for Sonlet users.

Unlimited shipping labels ($9.99 per month)

Purchase unlimited labels with no label fee. You only pay for postage. Simple as that.

Go unlimited

Add unlimited shipping labels to your Sonlet subscription

Pay Per Label

Instead of a monthly fee, you pay a small fee for each First Class label, which decreases as your volume increases ($0.30 per label for your first 50 packages, $0.20 per label for your next 50, $0.10 per label for your next 50, then $0.05 per label after that). There is no fee for Priority labels.
Go pay per label

You can start using Pay Per Label now! It comes as the default option for all of our users. Print a label from the Sales page or from the Shipping page.

Common questions about Sonlet shipping labels

Which plan should I choose?

If you send more than 33 first class packages per month, you should upgrade to the Unlimited plan.  If you send less than 33 first class shipments per month, then you’ll save money with the Pay Per Label plan that comes default with every Sonlet consultant account.

What do you mean by the lowest advertised price?

As of the time of writing this blog, Sonlet users that want to print shipping labels from the convenience of their home use the following shipping label providers.  Here are their advertised prices online and a simple price comparison.

Sonlet ShippingEasy Stamps.com Zensales
$9.99 $19.00 $15.99 $15.00
Lowest advertised price
Do you offer all of the same features as my other shipping label software?

We recently added many new features to Sonlet shipping labels which you can read about here, so most Direct Sales consultants in the United States will be able to use Sonlet shipping labels without the need of any other shipping label software. If there is a feature that you need that you don’t see included, please email our amazing customer support team and we’ll get it added to our roadmap.

Are your postage rates the same?

Yes, we offer the best postage rates available on the market from the USPS called Commercial Plus, which is typically reserved for only high volume shippers.  Because of all the wonderful sellers that use Sonlet, we’ve been able to get these rates for all of our users, regardless of the number of packages that you send per month.  For those using the Pay Per Label plan, you’ll see a small per label fee added to the Commercial Plus postage rate for First Class parcels, so that you don’t have to commit to a flat monthly subscription fee.  Priority shipping labels regardless of the plan that you choose will never include a per label fee.

How long have you been offering shipping labels?

Sonlet started offering shipping labels almost 18 months ago, and thousands of consultants have used the shipping labels feature.  Because so many people love the convenience of printing USPS shipping labels directly from Sonlet, we’ve been able to improve our features and our pricing over time.  As of the time of writing this blog post, Sonlet is now the least expensive advertised option for shipping labels for Sonlet users.

Which printers do you support?

We suggest using the DYMO 4XL for printing shipping labels. You can also print shipping labels on your regular printer on the half sheet printing labels. You can read more indepth instructions on our knowledge base.

How do I get setup?

No setup is required.  You simply push the “Shipping” button on the Sales page to print a label for an order, or you can enter an address on the Shipping page to print a label.  There’s no API keys, no buttons or waiting, you just print labels when your customers claim items.  We recommend double checking that your address in your profile is correct, as that will be used as the return address on your shipping labels.

Do I need to sync Sonlet labels with Bless?

If you are a LuLaRoe consultant, then you can easily sync your Sonlet orders and invoices with bless using Order Forward, but using Sonlet shipping labels does not require a sync with bless.  Unlike other shipping label software, Sonlet shipping labels requires no setup, you can print the label as soon as a customer claims an item from a Sonlet party or from a claim link on Facebook.

Check out more commonly asked questions about shipping labels on our knowledge base.



    • Wyatt Grantham

      Hi Candy, it appears that at the time that you wrote your comment you needed to upgrade your account to include the unlimited shipping labels add-on. As of January this year, there are no longer any fees for shipping labels on Sonlet for Basic accounts and above.

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