Tip Tuesday: New Bless Customer Signup for OrderForward

ShopTheRoe + OrderForward = Simpler customer management

Very excited to announce that the Customer Signup feature for New Bless is now here for all of you that are using the STR – Order Forward chrome extension created by Brian Swingle.  OrderForward will simplify the customer signup process for all of your shoppers, saving them the hassle of double signups and annoying data entry.  Check out the short demo videos below to see how it works along with links the 14 day free trial, the Google Chrome, and OrderForward’s support group.

New Bless Customer Signup Feature (31 seconds)

Click Here to Get Started with your 14 Day Free Trial

Make sure that you have downloaded and installed Google Chrome as your web browser.

If you have questions, contact OrderForward on their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/985573908221046/

Less data entry for customers means more sales

We’re excited about this feature because it will save your customers time… a lot of time.  Especially for those of you who have customers that shop with multiple consultants, requiring each customer to register with each consultant means that some of your customers must might not get to signing up with you, which means they may not shop with you.   New Bless allows you to sign up on behalf of your customers, so as long as your customer has a ShopTheRoe.com account (there are over 2 million customer accounts, so pretty high probability), OrderForward will allow you to sign up your customers with two clicks.

Troubleshooting Tip

If you’ve already started using OrderForward, and the feature isn’t working for you yet, you may need to restart Chrome by quitting or force quitting chrome and then opening it up again.

More Demo Videos

Bless invoicing

Square (backup) invoicing

Check out last week’s blog post here to read more about OrderForward, how to install it and how to get up and running.


  1. DaNeil Deller

    I purchased this but even with all the fields filled in I still get an error message saying “Could not register. Please correct the errors below.” but nothing is in red to fix. I love the idea of this and am super excited to use it!

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