Now Available: OrderForward for ShopTheRoe

It’s available for everyone! For those of you that have been excited about automating your invoicing between ShopTheRoe and Old Bless, you can now download the browser extension OrderForward, designed exclusively for  For those who have transitioned to New Bless, OrderForward will simplify the customer signup process for all of your shoppers, saving them the hassle of double signups and annoying data entry.

Click Here to Get Started with your 14 Day Free Trial

Make sure that you have downloaded and installed Google Chrome as your web browser.

Feature Overview

Available now: Speed up invoicing between ShopTheRoe and Old Bless

With just one click you’ll be able to convert a ShopTheRole sale into an invoice on Old Bless.  No more annoying copy and paste, and you’ll save hundreds of clicks and hours of work.

Coming Soon: Automate Customer Signup in New Bless

With just one click, you’ll be able to signup your customers with New Bless.  Skip the hassle of tracking down all their emails and making sure they sign up under the new system.  With one click, you’ll be able importing your customers information from ShopTheRoe to New Bless.  Your customers will only sign up one time. Happy customer means more sales!


How to install OrderForward?

  1. Navigate to the OrderForward Chrome Extension
  2. Purchase or Install the App on the Chrome Web Store
  3. Navigate to to your extensions tab in your Chrome Web Browser by clicking on the three vertical dots on the right hand side > more tools > extensions
  4. Click options, scroll to the bottom, and click Use Defaults
  5. Input the URL to your Bless site and customize any other settings you’d like to configure.
  6. Click Save

How to use OrderForward?

  1. Navigate to > Sales
  2. Click on one of the new buttons Signup (coming soon), Bless, Square now in ShopTheRoe
  3. Signup (coming soon) button will copy over customer information from ShopTheRoe to New Bless in one click.  Review the information for accuracy.
  4. Bless button will copy over all of the customer information, item information, price information, and shipping options from ShopTheRoe to Old Bless / Audrey. Review the information for accuracy.
  5. Square button will copy over customer information, item information, price information, and shipping options from ShopTheRoe to Square in one click.  Review the information for accuracy.

How much does it cost?

OrderForward is free for the first 14 days and then $3.99 per month. Through our exclusive partnership with OrderForward, we’ve been able to reduce the price down from $4.99 per month.

Does it work?

Absolutely.  OrderForward is already used by many consultants who love saving time managing their customers and their invoices.

Is it compliant?

Yes.  OrderForward does not directly access your back office, it simply speeds up the transfer of information (copy and paste) from one platform to the other, the same way that you save usernames and passwords in your browser.


  1. Bob O'Neill

    Does this support Chomebooks? I installed the extension but when i click on square, it pops up and the heart just keep showing and never moves the info to the square invoice. Thanks!

  2. Hello! first off, thank you! you’re amazing! Second, I’m on new bless and have downloaded the chrome extension. I realize it’s not working yet, I will patiently wait! BUT… I keep getting an error message and am not sure how to fix it. SHOP THE ROE SAYS: This Google account doesn’t have a OrderForward license! and then it opens up a new tab with an error message. I know i have something set up incorrectly on my end but am not sure what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU

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