Tip Tuesday: Facebook Cleanup


In response to some recent changes with the way that Facebook is flagging direct sales consultants accounts, we’re excited to announce the Facebook Cleanup feature. Nicole, a member of our awesome customer support staff, put together a video to introduce and explain the feature. Below are also some step by step instructions and some tips for knowing when and how to use the feature so you can conserve your facebook quota for posting pictures for album sales, and avoid from having your account flagged by Facebook.

You should always do a Facebook clean-up of old links in your listings before you:

  • update sold comments
  • request to delete photos from Facebook using STR
  • cancel your listings.

Unlinking from your sales page is a good idea, but doing so removes the breadcrumb trail of where you sold the item.

How To

1. Confirm that you are an admin for the Facebook group you want to clean up
2. Navigate to the Facebook Cleanup page (Shower and Bathtub icon) on the STR homepage dashboard.
3. Select the Facebook Group you would like to clean up and select whether you want to unlink from Listings, Sales or both.
4. Click the Unlink all button to unlink all of the photos from every deleted album in the selected group. OR Click the Unlink button next to the names of the albums you would like to unlink from Facebook individually.

Even more detailed instructions are available on the Facebook Cleanup page.

How this feature works

In order to track your sales on Facebook, STR keeps a link to every place that you’ve posted the picture. Customers click the link, come to STR, and claim the item. After you’ve posted the picture many places on Facebook to sell the item, the links start to pile up. Anytime you click the “check for sold comments button”, STR tries to update comments for all these links using up your Facebook quota. Previously, the only way to remove the links was to either cancel your listed items bumping them back to inventory (this also uses Facebook quota) or to request to delete the photos on Facebook from your listings and sales pages (individually) even when you know the photo isn’t there. When the album or photo is deleted on Facebook manually, Facebook has begun returning an ‘invalid entry’ error if STR tries to delete that photo. Accounts that frequently have invalid entry errors are more likely to get flagged as malicious—resulting in a block from Facebook and nothing new posting.

The Facebook Cleanup feature allows you to unlink those photos from your STR account, conserving quota and avoiding the invalid entry errors that may get your account flagged and thrown in Facebook time-out or jail.

Troubleshooting Tip

Some of our early users have noticed that after entering a specific Facebook group name, their albums will not show up.  Often times this is easily fixed by navigating to a different group first and then returning to the first group at a later time.  You can read more about this tip on our knowledge base:



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