ShopTheRoe is Now Sonlet!!!

Hey Friends,


We’re so excited that we’ve transitioned from to!  When you or your customers visit you’re automatically redirected to  All of your party links, Facebook claim links, and your QR codes attached to your inventory pieces still work perfectly, plus you can now use Sonlet with inventory for any clothing boutique! 

Read more about setting up Sonlet for other companies


We’ve dedicated the last two years to help you balance your personal life and your professional life.  Since we first started sharing our website we’ve had more than 55,000 sellers and 3,000,000 shoppers signup for accounts.  Here are just a few ways that you use Sonlet:


    • Posting and deleting photos from Facebook with just a few clicks

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    • Making it easy for customers to shop using Party pages and Live Parties

      Party Pages on Desktop | Mobile
      Live Parties on Desktop | Mobile


    • Providing inventory and financial reports to make accounting easier at tax time

      Access reports


    • Setting up customer loyalty rewards programs

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    • Automating invoicing with the Order Forward Chrome extension

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    • Saving time and money by printing shipping labels directly from the sales page

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  • Connecting your account directly to one of the many apps that integrate with Sonlet to save you even more time

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Regardless of how you use Sonlet, we’re so happy that you’ve joined us, and rest assured, that the best is still yet to come with marketing tools and shipping label enhancements right around the corner!  This transition marks an exciting turning point for all of us, where we’ll be able to continue to support you and your business as long as you’d like and regardless of the company that you work with — whether you sell for LuLaRoe, another direct sales company, or even run your own clothing boutique!


So here’s to a great New Year where all of our businesses thrive and where we can all spend even more time with our family, friends, and loved ones and less time with the tedious tasks that our businesses require.


Warmest Regards,


The Sonlet Team

3 Tips for handling Capsule Collections in ShopTheRoe this Holiday Season

With the busiest shopping season of the year on our doorstep, Halloween, Thanksgiving (AKA Black Friday), Christmas, and New Year, we wanted to show you how to manage all the amazing Capsule Collections coming your way with your ShopTheRoe account.  Nicole Couture from our amazing customer support team put together 4 short videos to show you how to save time managing your business this holiday season. Check out the videos below and read a short description of Nicole’s great tips below the video.

Tips for handling Capsule Collections with ShopTheRoe

Tip #1 – Add custom attributes when adding new inventory to your account

The custom attributes feature provides tons of flexibility for being able to tag an inventory item so that you can group it and find it later for posting and adding to ShopTheRoe party pages.  While adding or editing inventory, just click on the “Add” button.  The button is available from the Add Inventory page, the Bulk Add Inventory page, the item edit menu or bulk edit page available from the Manual Listings or Inventory page. You can also use our new Quick Add attributes buttons, to add the most commonly used attributes to your inventory in a snap.  Here’s a quick video to show you these quick add buttons work.

Tip #2 – Use SmartPost Custom to post Capsule Collections to Facebook

SmartPost Custom will allow you either include or exclude inventory that you’ve tagged with attributes.  For example, you might want to post all of your inventory EXCEPT your Halloween inventory, because the Halloween inventory has separate albums.  Or you might want to post only your Halloween inventory to Halloween albums.

Tip #3 – Create ShopTheRoe Parties for your Capsule Collections or Group Parties by Attribute

Create a ShopTheRoe Party page for your Capsule Collections from the Parties Page, then from your Manual Listings page, easily search for inventory with the attributes added to your inventory, click “Select All” and post your Capsule Collections to a ShopTheRoe Party page by clicking “Add selected to party”.  You can also easily remove your Capsule Collections from party pages if you have a hostess that doesn’t want to see holiday specific items at the Party by following the steps above and clicking “Remove selected from parties”.

You can also now use your attributes to group items into different sections in STR Parties. See the screenshot below to get an idea of how it works.

You’ll still see all the same style/size albums, but there will be separate sections on the page for each value of your chosen attribute. For example, say you have a party with 10 items. Some are tagged with “Capsule=Americana” and some are tagged with “Capsule=Halloween”. Your party would then show three groups of albums: Americana, Halloween, and Others. You can use this to keep your Disney items separate, for example. You can use it to group things by color, fabric, collection, or any other attribute! Let your imagination run wild!



As always, if you have any questions while trying these awesome tips, reach out to our amazing customer support team, we’re always happy to help.


Article updated on 10/23 to include the new Quick Add attributes buttons and the Group Parties by attribute feature. 

New Feature: Customer Loyalty Rewards

You read that correctly… Our top-voted feature request on the Roadmap has finally landed! Offering your customers Loyalty Rewards is an excellent way to earn repeat customers, and it’s fully integrated into the ShopTheRoe dashboard!  It’s convenient and familiar for your customers and a tried and true method for boosting your sale. Plus you can avoid the hassle of giving them another website or another password to remember. We have a lot of plans for this feature, including tight integration with our Marketing Tools (which are coming soon!)…

Rewards Video Introduction

Here’s a quick video introduction by Nicole from our amazing customer support team:

Once you’ve enabled the feature (more on that below) you’ll see a new “Rewards” button on your dashboard. From there you’ll click “Create Reward Program”. You’ll then be able to choose between a “Punches” reward program (e.g. buy 10 items get 1 free) or a “Spending” program (e.g. buy $100 get a free pair of leggings). You can also include a party link (or any other link you’d like) that your customers will see on their dashboard once they start earning rewards with you so that your customers always have access to shop with you right from their ShopTheRoe dashboard. Here’s a screen shot of what this looks like: 

Once you’ve created your rewards program, you’ll see a new “Rewards” button on your Sales page. Just click that bad boy and you’ll be able to add punches or spending to that customer’s rewards card.  No more complex spreadsheets, no more dedicated rewards tracking software… It’s all integrated right into your STR dashboard.

In order to enable the Customer Loyalty Rewards feature you’ll need to switch to the Pro plan or above.  If you need to upgrade and you are already logged into your ShopTheRoe account you can click here to upgrade. Or you can navigate to upgrade by logging into your ShopTheRoe consultant dashboard, navigate to your profile page, and click on “Compare / Upgrade Plans”.  You can read more about the release of our new Pricing Tiers here

You can share with your customers that explains why they should create an account on ShopTheRoe so they can participate in your rewards program here.

New Pricing Tiers

Today we’re super excited to announce that we’re introducing two new subscription plans to ShopTheRoe. These new plans will allow you to use more resources (you’ll get higher SMS and live streaming quotas for example) as well as access to certain premium features (like the Customer Loyalty Rewards feature).

You can compare the features available on each plan here:


The “Basic” plan is the same plan you know and love today. Nothing is changing there whatsoever. We are *not* removing any features from the Basic plan and we will continue to push fixes and new features to the Basic plan just like we always have.

The Pro and Business plans get you access to higher quotas for certain resources like SMS notifications and live streaming minutes and premium features (e.g. Customer Loyalty Rewards).

So why not offer everything to all users? With the addition of SMS notifications and live streaming we’ve realized that some of our users would like to be able to use more of those resources than other users. Since those things cost us money we have to offset that with the higher priced plans. We also plan on throwing certain features with large engineering costs (like the Customer Loyalty Rewards feature) into the higher level tiers.

Please rest assured that we will never move any of our existing features from the Basic tier up into the higher tiers. The Basic plan is not going to be neglected! These higher pricing tiers will offset some of our costs for additional resources and ensure that we can add more premium features for those that want them. our lovely new site

Quick update regarding this lovely new PopItUp web site you guys may have been hearing about  Settle in…

tl;dr: ShopTheRoe isn’t going anywhere, it’s still getting the vast majority of our attention, and will continue receiving all kinds of updates, bug fixes, and improvements. PopItUp is a generic version of ShopTheRoe that can be used by Direct Sales consultants from any company. It shares the same codebase with ShopTheRoe. This means that while there are some cosmetic differences between the two, as bug fixes and features go into one, they also make their way into the other. They move together as one.

Long version…

Ever since we launched STR last year we’ve had people from non-LLR Direct Sales companies banging down our door requesting a version of ShopTheRoe that they could use. We were so swamped keeping up with the growth and new features on STR that we just never had time to do it.

Partly driven by the stabilization of STR and partly driven by the drama* going on with LLR, we’ve managed to carve out enough engineering time during the past 2-3 months to get the generic version of STR (called PopItUp) off the ground. We just took it out of beta yesterday (yay!). *(Edit: the “drama” I’m referring to is simply the uptick in people leaving LLR. Obviously we’re 100% behind LLR. We try to stay as far away from the drama/rumor mill as possible.)

PopItUp and ShopTheRoe share the same codebase. This means that new features, enhancements, and bug fixes go to both places as we make them. A few examples of this that you’ve already seen are the “Bulk upload” page and the “SmartPost Custom” tab. We’re absolutely not leaving ShopTheRoe behind. You’re coming along for the ride whether you like it or not! 

We have so many awesome feature requests from you guys on the roadmap! We’ve been knocking them out slowly, and as PopItUp stabilizes (which should happen quite quickly since it’s sitting on top of the time-tested, consultant-approved foundation of STR) we should be able to pick up the pace on those. I’m super excited for some of those enhancements… Might sound silly, but I am seriously, genuinely stoked.

In summary, we, the Directangular team, are still backing ShopTheRoe with our whole heart and soul.

By the way, if you’re curious to see what PopItUp is like feel free to head on over and check it out [1]. We also have a Facebook group where we’ve been collecting early feedback, etc. just like the good old days!  [2] We’re even planning on adding LLR as an option on PopItUp in case anybody really prefers the look-and-feel of it. The only caveat there is that there are some very LLR-specific features built in to STR that aren’t present in PopItUp (e.g. having everything broken down by style/size, etc.).

And as always, thank you for being the best part of this community!


Tip Tuesday: Ghost Albums improve Facebook Parties

There are so many tips and tricks floating around LuLaRoe teams that it’s not often you find one that really makes you squeal with joy and marvel at the ingenuity. For me, ghost albums was that tip. Ghost albums are Facebook photo albums that are pending approval by an admin of the Facebook group.  As it turns out, ghost albums combined with ShopTheRoe make inventory loading to Facebook stress-free for you and Facebook album shopping blink-of-an-eye-fast for your customers.

Because ghost albums are posts pending approval, all admins and the person who initiated the post will be able to see, add and edit photos in the album.  Group members, however, cannot see the albums or their contents until the post is approved. STR can load photos while nobody can see the albums, and you can approve the albums to post to the group whenever you would like. As long as you start posting photos far enough in advance, hourly posting limitations won’t impact the shopping experience for your customers because you can wait to approve the pending post until all the photos are loaded.  You are in control of when your inventory posts, not Facebook’s posting limitations.

You can use ghost albums in many ways:

  • Introduce each style with a quick Live broadcast before revealing the album.
  • Wow your VIPs with a super-fast start to the party.
  • If something unexpected happens in your life on party day, you can delay inventory posting until you can be present.
  • Save leggings for last while still alphabetizing photo albums.
  • Allow your hostesses sneak-peaks by granting them temporary admin or moderator status.
  • Post with a friend and organize and integrate both sets of photos so all albums look great when seen by shoppers.

Approving ghost albums usually takes a few seconds, and ghost albums simplify the shopping experience.  I love that the notifications don’t show up in shoppers’ newsfeeds until the albums are ready to shop!

My inventory grew past the threshold of what can be uploaded to Facebook quickly. Ghost albums have made uploading to photo albums fun and successful again.  While there are a few steps to follow carefully as you are learning, creating and using ghost albums becomes comfortable and anxiety free once you get the swing of it. I am so glad that it works seamlessly with ShopTheRoe since there’s no way I would sell LLR without it. For those that are interested in learning to use ghost albums for your own business, I’ve included additional resources below.  


How To Use Ghost Albums


Step 1: Prepare Your Facebook Group
  1. In Facebook Group settings > Posting Permissions, select “members, moderators and admins can post to the group”
  2. In Group settings > Post Approval, click the box “All group posts must be approved by an admin or a moderator”

It should look like this:

Facebook Group Settings

  1. Make sure you have a second admin in the group available to regrant your status as admin.
  2. Make sure all admins and moderators in your group understand what you are doing and know not to approve your pending posts.
Step 2: Create Facebook Albums
  1. Remove Admin status from yourself. (Again, be sure you have someone available to regrant your status at the end of this step.)

2. Create the albums with covers in reverse order. (If I want Sloan to be on the last page of albums and Adeline to be the first album, you must create the Sloan album first.) Note that the order they are approved doesn’t impact the order they will be displayed once all are approved. The order they are created determines the position on the pages/list of albums.
3. You will be able to see the albums as pending posts and in the albums page. The only reason you can see them as a non-admin is because they are pending posts made by you. No other non-admin members can see them.

Facebook Group Pending Posts

Step 3: Post Inventory to Facebook Group Albums
  1. Request admin status again once all the albums are created in the pending posts section of your group. Verify that you are admin again before proceeding.
  2. Use STR to post your inventory to your VIP group just like normal. You can “post now” for everything, and allow the built-in rate limitations to take over.
    3. As it loads, you can see all the photos being added and check that everything looks correct. I even use this opportunity to move two blue shirts of the same size away from each other for better visual variety, and I make sure I sent everything to the right place.
Step 4: The Big Reveal

Facebook approve pending post

Whenever you want to start your party and at whatever speed and in whichever order you choose, simply click the “approve” post button for each album in your pending posts list, and your albums will be available to shop. The order in which albums are approved doesn’t impact the final order of display. The albums will also post to the wall and notify your friends of your activity because they are created by you.