How much do Sonlet sellers really make?

One question that I get all the time from the people that know me (and know that I help run Sonlet) is “Can you really make money selling fashion online?”  Usually, the people that ask me think they already know the answer… after all, everyone already knows that those make millions selling online links are just a big scam, right?!   I’m guessing that if you sell on Sonlet, or if you’re even mildly curious about the people that do, you’ve also asked the question.  BUT the answer might surprise you…

How much do fashion stylists really make? Can you really make as much money as they claim?
So I’ll be straight with you, we have sellers of all sorts using Sonlet… some who don’t hardly sell at all and some that have made and continue to make fortunes selling fashion using Sonlet.  My take away, if you really want to make it, the numbers show that it’s possible.  Take a look:
FACT 1: The average Sonlet Retailer makes about $3,300 in revenue per month, which equates to about $1,000 in profit.
Now, I know that isn’t enough for most families to live off, but for most Americans that’s a good chunk of extra spending cash, especially for those that are just in this for the fun of selling fashion, plus all the social perks of having an excuse to get together with your favorite fashionistas.
Another thing to remember about the average… it’s just that, an average… so how good can it really get?  Can you really make a fortune selling fashion online? Here again, the numbers are staggering:
FACT 2: The Top 10 sonlet users sell on average $93,000 and take 511 orders per month.
Just some simple math… that means they are making at least $30k per month in profit alone, and clearing more than $1m in business revenue per year.  So yes, you can make a million selling fashion from your home. (For the business gurus like me, there are many fast food and main stream retail franchises that don’t do that kind of revenue).
Here’s some more fun stats about how much our Sonlet users make selling fashion every month:
Now, is it all rainbows and roses? No.  You can google it and find a thousand or more fashion retailers that have lost big, so don’t take this article as a guarantee of income.  It’s not easy to start and run a business, and the statistics on the number of new businesses that fail is heartbreaking.  I’ve started some businesses of my own that have gone down in flames, burning hundred dollar bills from my precious savings account as if they were tissue paper1.  But if we never tried anything out of fear of failing… insert your favorite motivational quote here.  Seriously though, I’m really proud of our Sonlet users.  Most of them run amazing businesses and make their customers really happy, and from our whole team at Sonlet, we love that our software, and our company, can play some small part in helping you be successful, however you personally define success.
If you’re interested in learning to sell fashion online, check out Sonlet Shops; you can get started for free and start selling fashion with zero upfront investment.


Note to the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, this is just a metaphor… I didn’t actually burn money, though that would have taken much less time and caused far less emotional trauma than what actually happened. And for all those that may actually read this far down in the footnote, I’ve lost over 7 figures, not something I’m proud of, but perhaps the best money I’ve ever spent on my education.

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