Multi Consultant Sales…What’s the hype about?

Update from the Sonlet Team: This multi sale is no longer accepting new consultants, we recommend checking the Multi Directory to find new multi-parties to join

Good day! I have been asked to share information about multi consultant sales with you. As some of you may or may not know, I created the first 100+ consultant multi-consultant sale much earlier this year known as the LulaRoe GIGANTIC Multi Consultant Sale (

We are always accepting new consultants and you can learn more about how to participate with us by joining the sale and checking out the pinned post. We are a Sonlet exclusive multi sale meaning that we all post with Sonlet and use the links to collect customer data! I get many questions regularly about multi consultant sales, how to participate, what are the benefits, why there are fees involved sometimes, and many more that I hope to answer here for you.

How can a multi consultant sale help my business personally?
Participation in a well established multi consultant sale can help you grow your business customer base in your VIP group by posting in the Meet the consultant album of the sale. Often times, customers use this to find groups that they would like to follow. You should post a small blurb about you and your business and make it so that it appeals to the customers you would like to draw to your page. Typically, you will draw customers that share common interests, like personal experiences, and quite simply people that feel they can relate to you. Additionally, participation helps you move inventory that has not been viewed by the right set of eyes yet. For instance, we have about 45,000 shoppers and growing in the multi sale I created and I would say that a good majority of them shop the sale at some point during the month. We do keep reports on how our sales go, and typically we see the same customers over and over, month after month. This should never be the way you rely on to sustain a successful business, but participation can definitely help you be able to provide more and new inventory to your VIP customers on a regular basis.

How do I find multi consultant sales to participate in?
My best suggestion is to find multi consultant sales that you would like to participate in and first check the pinned post to see if they give details on how consultants can join to participate, or message an admin for more information on how to participate in their sale. It is very important that you be very clear on what sale you are looking to participate in as many admins sometimes help with more than one sale and it is frustrating to not know which sale someone is referring too. Many admins feel if you want to participate, you should at least know what sale you want to be in. It tells us a lot about someone that provides details vs. someone that is just like oh can I get in whatever sale you have. That does not show that you really want to be part of the sale that the admin takes pride in helping with and makes it sometimes seem you are just taking a stab in the dark and seem desperate. You never want to present yourself as desperate, but rather that you are interested in what the group has done and continues to do. When you do not even know the sale, it alerts us that you probably have not taken the time to really see what that multi consultant sale is all about.

Why do some sales charge a fee to participate?
The GIGANTIC Sale will begin taking consultants on a sign up basis as of January 1, and there will be a $5 per sale charge. We have spent close to $1,000 in advertising in the past month to promote growth of the sale. We have grown about 10,000 members since we started paid advertising. We do not collect money to pocket ourselves as the admin team, but rather to provide an ever growing and better experience for everyone involved each time. This fee is to help with all the various aspects of growing the group and helping offset the costs of large giveaways that happen from time to time. The admin team used to provide these giveaways to the group from our own inventory, but we have decided to even possibly do some cash giveaways to promote growth which obviously will take cash money to do. These are just a few of the reasons as to why a fee has been implemented for our sale. I obviously cannot speak for other sales, but I do know that a ton of time and effort does go into running a successful multi consultant sale and unless you have ever been an admin of one, you can only attempt to imagine everything that goes into it.

Honestly, had I known all the work in the beginning, I likely would have never taken that leap of faith, but now, I must admit I am so thankful that I did. I am very glad that I have been able to bless others and their businesses and help others hopefully be more successful in what they do. We take pride in providing our customers with the best customer service and it takes a group of dedicated consultants to achieve that and we strive everyday to make that a reality with each sale which we could not do without an amazing group of ladies and their participation and dedication as well. It is definitely an effort that takes the entire group working together to bring success to anything involving “multi” because it means there is more than one involved. 😉 Originally, I created the multi sale for those that joined my team, but after posting in consultant sites and got so much interest, I decided to bless as many lives of consultants as I could and that is how this whole thing even turned into 100+ consultants in each sale. It has been amazing to watch the sale grow and how it continues to grow. I invite you to join us if you would like to see what all the hype is about. We have love for all our consultants and look forward to hearing from you if you choose to become part of the LulaRoe GIGANTIC Multi Consultant Sale.

These are some of the questions I see regularly, and I hope this helps answer questions that many of you may have about participating in a multi consultant sale. I appreciate your taking the time to read this blog and if you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me for help. I try to help anytime I can and look forward to answering your questions. You may email me at or find me on FB under Jackie n Candace Alley.

Lots of Lula Love,



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