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My journey into LuLaRoe might be a little different than others you have heard. I am a 23 year old college student who recently graduated with my Masters Degree living in San Diego, CA. Exciting right?! When I started LuLaRoe in November 2015, I had to figure out all the best time management tools while going to school to successfully pursue LuLaRoe. I started to discover the duties that took the longest; taking inventory photos, shipping, and organizing my “LuLaRoom” room once a week. I am sure I can name more! One day, I was helping my first onboard and the new photography method was born!

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Here are the applications you can use to make your photography collage! (There are probably way more too!)


  • PicFrame (Costs $0.99)
  • PicCollage (Free)
  • Framatic (Free)
  • PicJointer (Free)
  • LuLaCollage (Free)

Style & Size Cards:

  • Rhonna Designs (Costs $1.99)
  • Word Swag (Costs $4.99)


Tips when Creating your Collages

  1. Make a folder in your phone of all the Style and Size Cards to find them easily down the road
  2. Use the Lock Frame option in the top right corner on PicFrame to lock in the settings you choose
  3. Use “Camera Roll” for Style & Size Cards
  4. Use “Take Photo” for taking photos of inventory
  5. Try not to use the “Effects” unless absolutely necessary to achieve a difficult color


Lighting your Inventory

Once again, being a collage student when I first started, I found any way to save money. For my light, I grabbed a random tripod in the garage, clipped on a workers clamp lamp from Home Depot and bought a “natural true colors” light bulb. Here are some tips for lighting on your photos:

  1. Use a light background (white, tan, light wood)
  2. Use one light in the center of your dress forms and add two on the outer corners, behind the center light if needed to eliminate shadows
  3. Place the dress form about one foot away from the wall to eliminate shadows
  4. Use natural light if you have huge windows or natural light bulbs

Storing and Uploading your New Photos

Once you upload your photos, Shop The Roe will store your photos in the photo library FOREVER! What?!

When I photograph, I do so one style at a time, in size order. This allows me to check for duplicates and change the Style & Size card out to the other size without taking photos of the same items. After each style, I upload them to Shop the Roe to make sure I don’t miss uploading the duplicates ! If you are in a partnership or need to share the photos, you can also upload the photo directly to Dropbox or Google Drive.

I hope that this information helps you in your LuLaJourney !

Let me know if you have any questions ! lularoeashtinbrooke@gmail.com

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