Sonlet Shops Launch Update

7 suppliers confirmed for beta launch with thousands of products including women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, and officially licensed products from Disney, Star Wars, Venom, Harry Potter, Rolling Stones, Beatles, and more. Setting up a Sonlet Shop will be about as easy as setting up a Facebook page. You’ll name it …

SmartPost album cover reuse


When creating new Facebook albums on the SmartPost page, it can be a bit tedious to upload all new album covers every time, especially if you often reuse the same album covers over and over again.

We just pushed out an update to help address this problem. Now when you create new albums on the SmartPost page, the system will check to see if you have uploaded an album cover with a similar name in the past, and if so, it will give you the option to reuse that album cover.

This should make it much easier to create new albums through SmartPost if you reuse album covers often. Happy album covering! And PLEASE remember to stay safe out there!

2018 USPS Shipping Rate Increases

For those of you amazing folks that love Sonlet shipping labels, you’ll notice a jump in the shipping labels costs went into effective this morning (January 22, 2018).  The USPS, as they periodically do, have raised the price of postage again this year.  Below is the 2018 table of postage …