Now Hiring! Social Media Stylist

Okay my fashion friends… Yes, we’re looking to hire, and yes, this is going to be one of the funnest positions that we’ve ever filled!

So who are we looking for?  
Have you ever seen Dearly Bethany’s videos?  We want this new person to create videos like Bethany, providing practical styling tips for the 1M+ shoppers that come to Sonlet to shop every month.  The person that we hire will be an awesome stylist and good at social media.  They’ll know how to create their own videos, from coming up with the ideas, writing the script, filming, editing, and publishing the completed video.  They’ll also know how to use the content on multiple social platforms, like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.
What are the perks of the job? 
  • You get paid… We pay $15 – $20 per hour while you’re making videos.
  • We’ll give you a budget and pay for the clothing that you demo and style for the videos.
  • You’ll set up your own Sonlet Shop, so as shoppers find you on social media that aren’t already linked to another consultant on Sonlet, you make commission from their purchases.
  • As the number of followers on social grows and more Sonlet users rely on your awesome videos, we’ll help you set up a studio in your home (buy a nice camera and backdrop) and hook you up with some folks to give you editing tips.
What’s the schedule?
You get to pick your schedule.  We would love to see a video from you each week… so we can keep our shoppers engaged, but you can do it in the evenings after work, during the day while the kids are at school, or in the mornings before the rest of the family starts rolling.  It’s entirely up to you.
What kind of videos are you looking for?
  • Styling tips like how to pick outfits, how to look taller, how to find the perfect sweater for those jeans… the possibilities are endless.
  • Sizing and buying guidelines… how certain brands fit, what to buy big or buy small, how fabrics wear over time, etc.  The focus for most of the sizing videos will be for Sonlet Shops brands and other brands carried on Sonlet that don’t already have clear sizing guidelines for shoppers.
How do I apply?
Okay this is the funnest part!  To apply, we want to see your styling videos.  Create a video, upload it to a hosting site of your choice (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.) and then post a link to it on Sonlet Social with your name, how long it took to make the video, and the hashtag #sonletstylist.  Email the permalink to your post on Sonlet Social to with the subject “I want to be a Sonlet Stylist” to make sure that we see it.
Here are some guidelines for your videos:
  • Pick a specific topic that clothing shoppers will find helpful.  Something like, “How to look taller and slimmer in winter clothes” or “Outfits that work best with layers”.  You can pick the topic, but don’t try to dress for every day of the year in one video.
  • Give a brief intro of yourself and your topic.  We (and our shoppers) want to get to know you, so we can trust you and your style guidelines. We also want to know why we should watch your video.
  • Include three or four main style guidelines to structure your video such as “tips”, “strategies”, or “must knows” to ensure you have enough content to merit the audience spending time learning from you.  This also makes it easy to reuse the video on Sonlet Social, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, the Sonlet Blog, and in email marketing by splitting it up into smaller pieces of content.
  • Show and tell.  You should both explain your style as well as show your style in the video.  Demonstrate what you do or what you’ve changed to make your style unique and explain how to avoid common pitfalls so that shoppers know exactly what your suggesting and whether your style suggestions can be adjusted or modified to fit their body type or their own style.
  • Explain to the audience the types of clothing articles they need (like blouses, bottoms, jackets, etc.) and where they can purchase the items to style just like you.  Bonus points if you are familiar with the Sonlet Shops suppliers, LuLaRoe, Agnes & Dora, etc. since our end objective is to help the shoppers on Sonlet find something for their style on Sonlet.
  • End your video by letting your audience know where they can find out more information and the best way for them to give you feedback.
  • Your video should be at least 3 minutes, and no longer that 10 – 12 minutes.
  • Be genuine and have fun making your video!  The job will be making awesome videos and being engaging for online clothing shoppers, and we want to find someone that our shoppers will love to learn from.
How many people will be hired?
We’re planning to hire one person right away, and we’ll be looking for more very soon (so keep the applications and the videos coming in).  Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, from short & petit, tall & long, curvy, pear shaped (and every other shape), and we’re looking for experts for each body type and style.

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