New Pricing Tiers

Today we’re super excited to announce that we’re introducing two new subscription plans to ShopTheRoe. These new plans will allow you to use more resources (you’ll get higher SMS and live streaming quotas for example) as well as access to certain premium features (like the Customer Loyalty Rewards feature).

You can compare the features available on each plan here:


The “Basic” plan is the same plan you know and love today. Nothing is changing there whatsoever. We are *not* removing any features from the Basic plan and we will continue to push fixes and new features to the Basic plan just like we always have.

The Pro and Business plans get you access to higher quotas for certain resources like SMS notifications and live streaming minutes and premium features (e.g. Customer Loyalty Rewards).

So why not offer everything to all users? With the addition of SMS notifications and live streaming we’ve realized that some of our users would like to be able to use more of those resources than other users. Since those things cost us money we have to offset that with the higher priced plans. We also plan on throwing certain features with large engineering costs (like the Customer Loyalty Rewards feature) into the higher level tiers.

Please rest assured that we will never move any of our existing features from the Basic tier up into the higher tiers. The Basic plan is not going to be neglected! These higher pricing tiers will offset some of our costs for additional resources and ensure that we can add more premium features for those that want them.


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