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Quick update regarding this lovely new PopItUp web site you guys may have been hearing about  Settle in…

tl;dr: ShopTheRoe isn’t going anywhere, it’s still getting the vast majority of our attention, and will continue receiving all kinds of updates, bug fixes, and improvements. PopItUp is a generic version of ShopTheRoe that can be used by Direct Sales consultants from any company. It shares the same codebase with ShopTheRoe. This means that while there are some cosmetic differences between the two, as bug fixes and features go into one, they also make their way into the other. They move together as one.

Long version…

Ever since we launched STR last year we’ve had people from non-LLR Direct Sales companies banging down our door requesting a version of ShopTheRoe that they could use. We were so swamped keeping up with the growth and new features on STR that we just never had time to do it.

Partly driven by the stabilization of STR and partly driven by the drama* going on with LLR, we’ve managed to carve out enough engineering time during the past 2-3 months to get the generic version of STR (called PopItUp) off the ground. We just took it out of beta yesterday (yay!). *(Edit: the “drama” I’m referring to is simply the uptick in people leaving LLR. Obviously we’re 100% behind LLR. We try to stay as far away from the drama/rumor mill as possible.)

PopItUp and ShopTheRoe share the same codebase. This means that new features, enhancements, and bug fixes go to both places as we make them. A few examples of this that you’ve already seen are the “Bulk upload” page and the “SmartPost Custom” tab. We’re absolutely not leaving ShopTheRoe behind. You’re coming along for the ride whether you like it or not! 

We have so many awesome feature requests from you guys on the roadmap! We’ve been knocking them out slowly, and as PopItUp stabilizes (which should happen quite quickly since it’s sitting on top of the time-tested, consultant-approved foundation of STR) we should be able to pick up the pace on those. I’m super excited for some of those enhancements… Might sound silly, but I am seriously, genuinely stoked.

In summary, we, the Directangular team, are still backing ShopTheRoe with our whole heart and soul.

By the way, if you’re curious to see what PopItUp is like feel free to head on over and check it out [1]. We also have a Facebook group where we’ve been collecting early feedback, etc. just like the good old days!  [2] We’re even planning on adding LLR as an option on PopItUp in case anybody really prefers the look-and-feel of it. The only caveat there is that there are some very LLR-specific features built in to STR that aren’t present in PopItUp (e.g. having everything broken down by style/size, etc.).

And as always, thank you for being the best part of this community!

[1] https://popitup.com/
[2] https://www.facebook.com/groups/popitup/

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