Sonlet Shops Launch Update

  • 7 suppliers confirmed for beta launch with thousands of products including women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, and officially licensed products from Disney, Star Wars, Venom, Harry Potter, Rolling Stones, Beatles, and more.
  • Setting up a Sonlet Shop will be about as easy as setting up a Facebook page. You’ll name it and add a cover photo. Products and product photos will be ready for you to select and add to the shop.
  • You can set up as many shops as you’d like, from themed shops to specific shops for customers, events, or private parties.
  • You’ll earn 30-35% of the retail price of the item.
  • Customers will pay right on Sonlet and commissions will be distributed directly to your bank account.
  • Shipping will be handled by the supplier.
  • Beta starts in the next few weeks. We’ll be slowly adding more sellers until mid November when we’ll have full availability in time for the busiest shopping (and selling) season of the year.

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to get you an update on Sonlet Shops. We’ve been working really hard to get everything together and we are very excited to launch!

I’m sure you want to know a little bit about what you can sell! Right now we have about 7 suppliers that are confirmed partners. We will be adding more and more, 3 more specifically in November. Each supplier includes thousands of unique items. We have the most beautiful women’s clothing: dresses, shirts, pants, rompers, sweaters, all of that, and they are coming from the same suppliers that sell to big brand stores. And in addition to that, we also have athletic wear, shoes (From Sole Society which is a major supplier for Nordstrom!), handbags, hats, jewelry, and sunglasses. You’ll be able to put together complete outfits, head to toe, pulling from all different suppliers. You can really make this your own shop, name it what you want, make it your style, sell whatever you choose. We also have officially licensed product. Now you each have the license to sell great clothing & accessory product from Disney, Star Wars, upcoming movies like Venom, Harry Potter and your favorite musicians like Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

It’s very easy to set up a Sonlet Shop. It will be just like setting up a Party Page except you don’t have to take pictures or add inventory first. All of the items available to be added to a Sonlet Shop are already there.  If you’ve never used Sonlet before, then setting up a Sonlet Shop is about as easy as setting up a Facebook page, where you name your shop, add a cover photo, and contact information, and add the products that you’d like to offer in your Shop.

You can set up as many shops as you’d like, they are meant to be light and easy to setup so that you can create themed shops or specific shops for events, customers, or parties. You can become a personal shopper for a customer and set up their own private shop full of clothing hand picked just for them. You could set up a shop that is Halloween specific. It’s all up to you!

You’ll earn 30%-35% of the retail price of the item. You’ll also be able to clearly see how much commission is available for the sale of each item when you add an item to a Sonlet Shop.

Your customers will be able to pay with any credit or debit card right on Sonlet.  Sonlet will collect the funds and distribute your commission to your bank account. You don’t have to invoice or collect any payment. That will all be done for you.

Something else that will be done for you is shipping. The order will go to the supplier, they will pull, package, and ship all from their warehouse. You won’t even need to handle the inventory at all.

We’ve created a simple and beautiful design for Shops that we think you’ll love.

We’ll start adding people to our Beta group in the next few weeks and will be slowly rolling it out to more users until about mid November when we will have full availability.

We are really happy with the way things are turning out and can’t wait to launch. We are happy to answer any other questions you have, feel free to send an email! Thanks for watching!


    • Wyatt Grantham

      Hi Holly, great question! As long as you have an active Sonlet consultant account, you’ll be able to offer the items for sale on a Sonlet Shop without paying for the items first. Once the customer checks out on Sonlet, we’ll automatically pay the supplier for the item, the supplier will ship the item to the customer, and we’ll deposit your commission directly to your bank account. You won’t have to put any money upfront to purchase inventory, unless you’d like to order items for yourself to show off during a facebook live or to offer home parties or events.

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