Fee-FREE shipping labels for basic users

We’re so excited to announce that all our basic users will now be receiving fee-free shipping labels!  That means that regardless of how many packages you send or who else you may use for shipping labels, Sonlet will always be your least expensive option for purchasing USPS shipping labels for your clothing boutique.

The change will go into effective over the next few business days!!! No confusing options for add-ons, no label quotas, just free labels for everyone with a paid subscription on Sonlet.

If you currently use Stamps.com, ShippingEasy, and Zensales for shipping labels, cancel your subscription, you just made an extra $20 per month!

If you currently use our Unlimited Shipping Labels add-on, we’ll be updating your monthly subscription billing on your next billing cycle to reflect a reduced monthly charge.

If you currently use our Pay Per Label add-on and you’re a basic user, then you’ll notice the $0.30 label fee has been removed.


  1. Melissa

    Is this a current announcement? I just purchased a shipping label and I am a Basic/Pay-Per-Label user and was still charged the $0.30 label fee. If this is a current announcement when does this no fee change go into effect?

    • Wyatt Grantham

      Hi Melissa, the fees were removed shortly before we pushed the announcement out. If you’re still seeing fees, please send us support ticket and we’ll verify the rates for you.

  2. I’m interested in adding the shipping label section to my Sonlet account. When you say free does that mean all we pay for is the postage and the labels we have to buy? Not a fee for printing and no monthly fee right?

    • Wyatt Grantham

      Yes, that’s exactly right Pam. You don’t have to pay anything extra (no monthly fees or label fees) for printing the label. You do still have to pay for the postage, but we have the best postage rates available anywhere.

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