Text message marketing integrations

We’ve added two text message marketing integrations to Sonlet you should checkout if you’re trying to reengage and reinvigorate your marketing: Shout and Mobile Text Alerts.

Text message marketing is the latest trend that many small and large businesses are using to keep an edge over the competition as the email inbox continues to get segmented and paired back by Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook. If you’re looking to do outbound text message marketing to notify your customers about upcoming sales or when you go live, then check out Text Message Alerts. They’ve got a fantastic integration that will make it easy to include links to your inventory items or parties right in your email blasts. If, on the other hand, you’re always inundated with messages on Facebook messenger or your personal cell phone number, and you’d like a little help to respond to your customers quicker, check out Shout. They have a fantastic little text and facebook messenger bot that will change your business for the better. More details about both integrations are available on theĀ Sonlet apps page.

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