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Today we are featuring an incredible woman who works with entrepreneurial mamas who want to take their business to the next level. We were able to talk with Jen and learn a bit more about her and the work that she does. Our conversation was uplifting, motivational, and we left feeling excited to share this unique opportunity with all of you. Jen is full of passion and good advice and we hope that you can gain some insight from her.

“Together, we create a plan to increase focus, strengthen time management, and find ways to live a more fulfilling life. This often involves diving deep into their core values, exploring inner wisdom, and removing toxic judgement from their lives. The end result is less guilt and more confidence as they work to grow their business.”

On Jen’s website, she describes her entrepreneurial spirit that led her on the path to coaching. She had a successful wedding blog and and online invitation shop. She was partnering with other companies, speaking on podcasts, and being featured in magazines and books. After she welcomed her children into the world, she sold her company.

After a few years and experimenting in different fields, she found something that spoke to her. She said, “I felt a great desire to motivate and inspire other women, which took shape as an Instagram account featuring women owned businesses. This ultimately led me to coaching. I am a compassionate encourager at heart and an entrepreneur by nature. As cliche as it sounds, coaching felt like a calling. A chance to give others a completely nonjudgmental space for them to experience a shift, work towards their highest goals, and truly see what they are capable of.”

Jen is excited to work with you and is offering a free coaching session for Sonlet users!

“So often, we look for external approval to determine our self worth. This can lead to anxiety, restlessness, and low self confidence. For a limited time, you can get a fully confidential coaching call to help you discover your core values. Knowing your core values is the first step in understanding who you are, increasing self confidence, and strengthening motivation.”


Visit Bodemcoaching.com/coachingcall to setup your call today.

You can learn more about Jen on her website, bodemcoaching.com/

IG: @BodemCoaching


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