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Welcome everyone!

Before I start sharing some tips relating to the amazing world of Instagram, let me introduce myself. I am Amelia, the proud owner of LuLaRoe Amelia Jane and team leader for the incredible team ‘Dream It DO IT!’

I was born and raised in London, England among three rambunctious brothers. I moved to Utah to start University and met my now husband, singer/songwriter Oli K. We have two little darling boys, Jude and Ezra.

I have been a LuLaRoe fashion consultant a little over 6 months and all I can say is WOW – what an incredible journey of success it has been! One of my fundamental tools is Instagram. Instagram is not simply a photo sharing platform. It serves also as a key way to connect with customers, friends, and family. Most importantly, it provides a vehicle for branding and  advertising in a unique way.

That being said, to create a successful platform you must portray yourself in a classy and individual way. You must differentiate yourself from all other social media accounts. Here are some of my top tips to help ensure you have a clean and enticing platform that will yield new followers and customer engagement!

First off, here are some of my favorite LuLaRoe accounts for you to follow and take as an example of professional and clean profiles;


Here are my top 5 do’s and don’ts of Instagram:

1. DO NOT Take a selfie!

Ladies, we are a clothing company ! With that being said, we need to focus on the clothes and selfies do not highlight the clothing in a good enough way! Selfie sticks are a NO NO! There is nothing nice about a bathroom mirror selfie. It is not professional! Your followers don’t need to see your toilet, shower curtain and toothbrush. Instead, buy a tripod, use your other half as a photographer… even a 5 year old! Anything is better than a selfie! Also, DON’T use the burst button – I’ll explain this shortly.

    This leads me to discussing your choice of backgrounds. You should be the focal point of the photo in order to allow your viewers to admire the clothing in context. Therefore, choosing a simple backdrop is best. Blank walls, foliage, a garage door etc. The only time I have something a little busier is to show perspective and shape to my account rather than a straight shot on a blank wall. However, I am still picky about what is around and behind me.


taking one photo you do not have a lot of options to choose from. Have your photographer take multiple photos without using the burst. Bursts take multiple photos in one second. You need to click the button multiple times instead. My rule of thumb Is click, move into a new position or pose, click, move, click, move, etc… By doing this you get a wide variety of photos to choose from.

When it comes to taking a photo, positioning is everything. By using the photo grid on your phone or camera, you can visually see what looks pleasing to the eye. Using the rule of 3rds is key! Ensure you are not always just in the middle. Place yourself in the first or third section of the gird and pose offset of the center can be very artistic


  1. ALWAYS EDIT BEFORE POSTING You will never see me or any other professional account posting a photo straight off of a phone or camera. A photo may look good, but could look even better with some editing. My top editing apps on my phone are PicTapGo and ColorStory however, I LOVE the editing tools within Instagram itself. I never use the Instagram filters. Instead I adjust the brightness, contrast etc. Some of my darling friends pointed out how to always use the white within a photo to compare the adjustments too. M   ake sure the white stays white rather than turning cream or too white/over-exposed.Overall, enjoy your social media! See it as a way to showcase yourself and your unique way of styling LuLaRoe. We are all beautiful in our own way. Instagram allows us to document our style and uplift others as we appreciate their pages.

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