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Today we’re super excited to announce STR Shipping, a fully integrated postage/shipping label solution!  With STR Shipping you’ll be able to buy and print shipping labels directly from STR.

UPDATE: we’ve introduced a new shipping plan that is cheaper around the board!  Head on over to the announcement post for more information.

We think you’re going to love the convenience of having everything in one place, rather than scattered across various subscription services around the web.  But convenience aside, for most people it will be cheaper than your current shipping solution!  For others it might be a more expensive (by just a few percent), but with all of the benefits listed below. Take a look at the pricing calculator below to see how much you could save by using STR Shipping.

What you get

STR Shipping comes with the following convenient features:

  • Tracking codes (including email notifications to your customers)
  • Bulk download/print
  • Free reprints (anything else would be ludicrous)
  • Compatibilty with Dymo thermal printers (support for regular inkjet/laser printers and Zebra thermal printers is coming soon!)
  • Tracking code views for customers


We offer USPS Commercial Plus pricing (same as what is offered by ShippingEasy, etc.).  We’re also competitive on the base monthly fee, which starts at just $25.

UPDATE: We’ve recently introduced a new “Pay per label” plan that is cheaper than our monthly plans described here.  Please head on over to the announcement post for more details.

Monthly fee

Number of packages STR Shipping monthly price
Up to 100 $25
Up to 200 $50
Up to 300 $75
Up to 400 $99
400+ Ask us

If you fall into one of the brackets with a higher monthly fee than your current provider, just remember that the base monthly fee is generally a small percent of your total monthly shipping costs. If STR Shipping is more expensive for you, it will only be by a couple of percent, in which case you need to make the business decision of whether or not it’s worth the convenience of having it all in one place. Give the calculator below a whirl to see the exact percent. Also remember that if it’s higher it wouldn’t actually be a dollar-for-dollar increase since it’s a business expense that would count towards your cost of goods sold.

And don’t worry, you can always start at a lower tier and then bump yourself up to the next tier if you end up sending more packages than you expected.

As you can see, at the cheapest tier our monthly fee is a few bucks cheaper than ShippingEasy.  Combine that with the cheaper per-label fee and there’s a very good chance that you could save some money by using STR Shipping. Check out the pricing calculator below to see how much you might save.

“What’s the catch?”, you ask?  How could we possibly be undercutting the big, established shipping providers?  We know it’s easy to feel suspicious when something seems to be priced a little too low.  There are two things that allow us to do this:

  1. Shipping is not our core business.  We’re willing to just barely break even or even lose a bit of money on shipping labels since it’s really cheap (or free) marketing for our web site.
  2. We serve a narrower market segment than the big providers.  We’ve crunched the numbers based on historical sales data through our site and have optimized our pricing tiers to best serve the vast majority of our customers.  The big providers have to service a wider variety of customers, and the end result is that most LuLaRoe consultants (who tend to do just a few hundred shipments per month) are actually subsidizing the higher-volume customers with other providers.

That’s it for now.  Happy shipping!


  1. Denise Spath

    Major issue I see is the shipping monthly fee. For those that manage high volume (more than 300 packages) its very expensive. It is more than a 5% increase in shipping cost. We would love to have this solution. Can you take a look to prices for high volume?

  2. Maureen Adams

    I was really looking forward to shipping with STR but the cost seems high. As a relatively low volume shipper 100-200, $50 or even $25 is more than I want to spend. It’s not as convenient but I can ship through PayPal Ship Now for no monthly fee. I’d be willing to spend 9.99 per month for a shipping service. PS – I love the Shop the Roe!

  3. Amy Bowler

    I had a question about Endicia postage accounts. Do I still need this for STR shipping? Or do we purchase postage directly through STR? I have an Endicia balance, and am ready to switch over, but don’t want to lose the postage I have already paid for. Thanks, Mitchel.

  4. I am with for 15.99 month, averaging about 100 packages per month so far. I am fairly new with Lularoe. My printing prices are about the same, so its a little more expensive for me to switch. although I do want to switch and have everything in one place if possible. WIll the price come down any or is there a way to save by switching?

  5. Amy Bowler

    I’m trying to find a way to print 2 labels per 8 1/2 x 11 page, and tried all the print formats with no luck. Even 1 4×6 label per page is cuttting of part of the QR postage code. Submitted a support ticket but haven’t heard. Have to get packages out!

  6. Casey

    I agree that it would be awesome it was around $10 monthly. I use paypal as well with no monthly fee. Another cool thing would be if it had a free first month trial? ps I LOVE shop the roe, it has made my life so much easier! Thank you!!

  7. With we ship over 200 packages and pay similar shipping rates but our monthly Fee is $9.99. We’ll keep watching pricing, but with that being able to edit 3 items in a cart for address etc would be ideal for this. Thanks Mitchel!!!

  8. Kim

    I would LOVE to start shipping through Shop The Roe! However, I have a couple of questions:
    1) Is this only available for use with Dymo printers?
    2) Why is it that there is such a large price increase for higher volume? ShippingEasy offers 500 labels/month for $29/mo. And it’s still only $49/mo for up to 1500 packages.
    3) Are shipping labels for flat rate boxes coming soon? I can’t make the switch until I can print labels for the larger boxes as well.

    • (1) Currently the only label size we support is 4×6 (which is what is used for the dymo 4xl, for example). However, people have been able to print the labels on regular 8.5×11 paper by adjusting their printer settings. You can play around with the following test label to see if it will work for you:

      (2) Basically we have to do that to make sure we don’t lose money… However, we’ve been in negotiations with our shipping label provider and merchant processor to get our rates down, which will allow us to offer more competitive pricing at the higher volues. Stay tuned! Announcement should be coming soon…

      (3) Those are definitely coming, but it might be closer to the end of the year due to some other things we’re working on…

  9. Erica Fields

    Okay I’m a little confused and it’s probably just because I’m not thinking clearly. Lets say I sign up for the lowest plan for $25. Do I have to buy postage on top of that fee or is that actually $25 worth of postage? My second question is how do I download the labels to my mac and then print them using my dymo 4xl printer?

  10. Nicole

    I am reading through these comments seeing that str has been working for lower shipping prices for the past 3-4 months. Have you had any luck with bringing these costs down? I need to choose a shipping platform in the next week or so and although str shipping streamline seems convenient, the cost is not. Thank you

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