Sonlet shipping label power ups!

Updated 6/7/2018

We’ve powered up the shipping labels feature to make Sonlet even more useful for you and your business.  Check out all the ways Sonlet’s newly improved and expanded shipping options can help you and your business save time and money!

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Easily find the best shipping rates

Sonlet will automatically calculate all the postage rates for the available package types. You can easily quote actual shipping costs to your customer, and now you just click a button when it’s time to ship your merchandise. We’ve expanded our shipping options to save you money; we now support First Class parcels, flat rate envelopes, flat rate boxes, and regional boxes.


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Void and refund your own labels

Make a mistake? Just head over to the new shipping page, click on the menu of the label, and click “Refund”.  The label will be voided and refunded immediately.  Easy peasy!


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Print return labels for customers

You can create and email customer return labels from the new shipping page making it easier to provide great customer service.


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Print labels for any U.S. address

Even if you don’t have a sale in Sonlet, you can easily add addresses and print a label for any U.S. address right from the new shipping page.

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Print scan forms

Now you can print scan forms for your shipments. The mail carrier will love you for having one barcode to scan for all of your packages.


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Commercial plus postage rates

You’ll pay way less than you do at the post office with Commercial Plus postage rates. Our rates are as low as you can find anywhere, including ZenSales, ShippingEasy, and without the additional monthly subscription, account, and hassle.


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Send tracking emails

Just two clicks to send your customers their shipping tracking emails.  Or they can find their shipping tracking links right on their Sonlet dashboards.  Your customers can stay excited about their purchases all the way from your front door to theirs! 🙂


  1. Kristi Roldan

    Question – it says that it will be commercial rate, but when I click on shipping I’m not getting the commercial rate. Is there something I am doing wrong? I’d love to cancel my other shipping program and save a membership fee, but if its not commercial rate it’s not worth it.

    • Wyatt Grantham

      Hey Kristi, thanks for leaving your comment. You are actually seeing Commercial Plus postage rates plus the small per label fee described on the Add-ons page. If you’d like to eliminate all the per label fees and only see the commercial plus postage rates, you can now upgrade to the Unlimited plan for $9.99 per month.

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    • Wyatt Grantham

      Hi Amanda! Support for military addresses (APO, FPO, etc.) are coming out in the next week or so, and we’ll automatically create the label and customs form for you from the Sales page, or if you create the label from the shipping page, you’ll be able to enter the information for the customs form when you create the label. Hope that helps!

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