Using STR QR Codes to Track Inventory

I started using the STR QR codes about 2 months ago to track my inventory – especially during in-home events. When in-homes get busy, things go by so quickly, and I was finding that I was recording most of the items I had sold, but I always forgot one or two. It didn’t happen often, but it sometimes led to me accidentally overselling an item later, which you probably know, is embarrasing.

Here’s how I did it when I first started using the codes:

Purchasing the Labels:
I purchased the address labels from Amazon. STR suggests using Avery labels, but I was concerned about removing my labels cleanly, so I got the equivalent in a removable label. They are Avery 6460 and they are available on Amazon.

Printing the Labels (the first time):
I selected all of my Amelias out of the “inventory” tab and “listed them without posting to Facebook”. Then, I went to the “my listings” tab and selected all those Amelias and clicked on “download QR codes for selected”. I downloaded the file, placed my labels in the printer feeder (I found that one at a time was easiest), and printed the file. It’s VERY important that you make sure that the box “fit to page” on the print dialogue screen is not selected, otherwise your labels will not line up correctly. Sometimes I printed two styles at a time, if it meant that I could use the majority of the labels on the page without wasting many. When the labels print, there really isn’t a rhyme or reason behind its printing order – the sizes are all mixed up (as are styles, if you select more than one). I repeated this process until each of my items were printed on a label. I printed labels for outfits twice – one label for the top item and one for the bottom item.

Applying the Labels:
Since I tried to limit the number of styles on each page, this made tagging items easier. In order to scan the tags, you have to have all your inventory listed. I used a QR reader app on my phone to scan the QR codes and then I applied the sticker to the back of the smaller bar-code hang tag. I leave a little label hanging off the end for easy removal. For leggings, I place the label on the bottom inside tag, folded over. Sometimes, when my back hurt, I sat on the couch and scanned the labels, making notes on them about colors and patterns. The size/style is already on the tag, so this made it easy to then find the items and tag them more quickly.

QR labels on hang tags.
QR labels on hang tags.
QR Labels on Leggings
QR Labels on Leggings

Printing Labels for New Inventory:
When I get new items, I make sure that none of my inventory is listed. I then go into the “my inventory tab” and go through style by style and click on the arrow sort tab above the “purchase date” column. I then select only my newest items that haven’t been tagged and “post without listing to Facebook”. Once I’ve gone through all my my styles and listed all my new items only, I then print the labels for them and attach the labels to my new items.

Using the Labels to Track Inventory:
When I’m at an in-home event, I bring a notebook with me. Every time a person checks out, I write their name on the notebook and underneath their name, I place the label that came off the item they purchased. This helps me to remember who purchased what and how many items they purchased (for hostess rewards). When I get home that night, I scan all the codes and “claim” the items as I go. I change the name on the claim form, but it remembers the rest of the info (my email, address, etc.). Then I go into the “my sales” tab and mark the items as invoiced, paid, and shipped.

My check-out notebook.
My check-out notebook.

That’s it! It’s pretty easy and so helpful! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at! 😉


  1. This is brilliant! I just got had my first in home pop-up last weekend and I’m currently struggling to remember what everyone ordered, especially because my Audrey app was being completely glitchy so my invoices are overlapping and all sorts of weird stuff. This idea would have helped me so much. I’ll have to implement this for next time.

  2. Lindsay

    OMG girl this has changed the game for me!!! I spent way to much time going through my pictures and fumbling through what I sold…. this is The BEST!!! I can’t thank you enough for posting This. Seriously has brought tears to my eyes!

  3. JennandKassy

    Thank you for this!! I’m guessing you are happy you started using them? I’m going to get this going before the new POS system takes effect. It will help with organization all around!

    • Annie Granados

      I just downloaded a free QR scanning app. When you scan the code, it takes you to the STR claim page. There you can enter info such as “sold in home” and then claim the item. This will move it out of your current listed inventory and into the sales tab.

  4. Yumi Miyata

    Is there a feature to print these using your dymo? The dymo labels seem to stick better than my Avery ones and it would be super convenient and awesome to be able to just print one here and there when needed.

  5. Hello
    So I bought the labels that are recommended in the blog. Only some of them printed out correctly on the labels. (about half the page) They seemed to get off track some, like the placement was off.
    I made sure all the settings were correct. Any advice or what do you suggest?

  6. Tabetha

    I need help finding a reputable QR code app! What does everyone use? The ratings on the ones I’ve found are just Ehhh. And googling hasn’t been much help, for whatever reason. Some that got good ratings in the past are no longer available… One I tried was really buggy and slow and wouldn’t take me to the link. I don’t want to just willy-nilly download a bunch of apps. Help?

    • Annie Granados

      This is the one I use: QR Code Reader by TapMedia – it’s not fantastic, but it gets the job done. Sometimes it loads slowly because STR is overwhelmed and loading slowly too.

  7. Alicia Gills

    What if you have an item posted on your FB VIP page through STR and you sell that item at your in home and use the QR codes to scan the item as claimed, will it remove the item off of your FB page or do you have to go remove it yourself?

    • Annie Granados

      No, it will not automatically remove the photo, you have to do that manually. What will happen, is that if an online VIP customer attempts to claim the item using your STR link, it will show it has been claimed.

    • Wyatt Grantham

      Hi April, the QR codes is unique to the item. So if you are creating new inventory items in Sonlet, the QR Code will be different. If you are just changing the picture for the same item on the listings page, then the QR code will stay the same.

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