Using attributes for holiday promotions

With Black Friday right around the corner, we want you to blow the roof off your monthly and yearly goals!!!   There’s no better way to close the gap between your current revenue and your goal than running holiday sales and promotions.  So we put together some short tips for using the attributes feature to track and post your holiday promotional items using your ShopTheRoe account. This will help from becoming overwhelmed with tracking which items were promoted and how much you should invoice. Attributes are a simple way to keep track of promotional items, posting only promotional items to specific Facebook groups or ShopTheRoe Party Pages, and making sure that you remember to discount the price of the items that your customers purchased during a promotion.  We’ve include four short videos to show you, first, how to add the attributes to your inventory items.  Second, how to post the items to Facebook. Third, how to create a fun ShopTheRoe Party page that makes it easy for your customers to shop for the promotions that you are running (check out our example page here).  Finally, how to edit the price to apply the discounts after you customers have claimed the items.  It’s really simple and will save you hours on the backend.

Step 1 – Add a discount attribute to your inventory

  1. Navigate to the Inventory page
  2. Select the items that you would like to discount
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click “Edit Selected”
  4. Click the “+ Add button”, and add a new attribute.  Use a name like “Discount”, Promotion, “Black Friday”, or “Holiday Sale”.
  5. Add the attribute value. We recommend using something like “10% Off” and click “Submit”.
Step 2 – Post the Items to Facebook

  1. Navigate to your Listings Page. You can use either the Manual Listings or SmartPost.
  2. Select the items that you would like to post to your Facebook albums and click “Select All”.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click “Post to Facebook”
  4. Add a custom message to your Facebook post and ensure that you include the {attributes} tag to include the discount attribute that you tagged the item with.
Step 3 – Add the items to a Party Page

  1. Navigate to the Parties page and click “Create party”.  Select the discount attribute you used where it says “Group items by Attribute”, and click “Update”.
  2. Navigate to your Listings Page. You can use either the Manual Listings or SmartPost.
  3. Select the style and items that you would like to add to your Party page.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click “Add selected to Party”, select the appropriate party page, and click “Add to Party”.
Step 4 – Apply the discount to the items from the Sales Page

  1. Once the customer has finished claiming or shopping, navigate to the Sales page.
  2. Click on the item Menu and select “Edit Price”
  3. Apply the discount to the item based on the promotion offered.
  4. Remove the items from the Party or from Facebook by selecting the order, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking “Delete Facebook photos for Selected” or “Remove Selected from Party”.  Select the album or party and confirm that you’d like to delete or remove the items.

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