Tip Tuesday – Managing Items in a Sonlet Party


Who loves SmartPost? Raise your hand! SmartPost has made posting to Facebook a million times faster, but did you know there is also a SmartPost “copycat” for Sonlet parties? You can add items to parties with the same ease. Let me show you how.

  1.  Create your party in the parties tab. photogrid_1482820206628
  2. Find your party and click on the button with the the horizontal lines found next to your party name.photogrid_1482820240751
  3. Click “Manage Items”.photogrid_1482820295707
  4. Select the items you wish to post. screenshot_20161226-2314252
  5. Click “Add Items”.photogrid_1482820328462
  6. Voila! Your party is created!

To remove items from your parties, you would follow the same steps, but under the “Remove Items” tab.


Sonlet parties are simple to create, easy for customers to use, and provides a great place for multi consultant sales. If you haven’t tried one out yet, now is the time to start 🙂


  1. Sheryl Ellis

    I help manage a multi STR party. Is there an option to get a final report at the end of the party to see how well it did? We can see the running tally of likes and claims, but it seems the list is limited to a finite amount of items.

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