Sonlet supports all direct sales clothing companies!

If you’ve been using Sonlet to manage your non-LuLaRoe direct sales businesses, you may have had to repurpose LLR styles and sizes for your business, and that doesn’t always work nicely.

We’ve added first-class support for non-LuLaRoe direct sales clothing companies! If you’re selling for another company, signup or login to your account then head on over to your profile and pick your company from the drop-down:

If you don’t see your company listed there please give us a shout! We’ll get it added ASAP.

Once you’ve selected your company you will see style and size choices for that specific company when you add your inventory. If you notice that we’re missing styles or sizes in our defaults please let us know, but in the meantime you can always add your own custom styles and sizes.

PSSST hey you! Are you doing non-clothing direct sales? You should check out our sister site,!


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