Automate your invoicing with RoeSquared

We’ve partnered with RoeSquared so we can offer a simple way to streamline invoicing!  RoeSquared brings cutting edge invoicing automation so you can avoid hours of data entry (copy and paste) and stay compliant with LuLaRoe policies and procedures. It supports our overall mission, to help LuLaRoe consultants grow their businesses by streamlining business operations.

On February 27, we’ll be releasing an exclusive version of RoeSquared for ShopTheRoe users on the Chrome Web Store, and we’ll provide a comprehensive list of features and how to videos so you can start using RoeSquared right away to automate your invoicing.  Until then, if you aren’t already using Chrome as your web browser on your Mac or PC, we recommend that you download it today (link below), so that you’ll be ready to use RoeSquared next week.

For those of you that have already discovered and love RoeSquared, ShopTheRoe and RoeSquared will continue to support all of its existing features, and together we’ll be planning some new and exciting features for the ShopTheRoe version of RoeSquared to help you continue to grow your business.

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