Tip Tuesday: Facebook login

Did you know that you can connect your Facebook login to your ShopTheRoe account to provide a quicker way of logging in to ShopTheRoe?  You can do this for existing accounts or for new accounts.

Note that using the Facebook login feature is not required.  We know there are a lot of shoppers and even consultants who don’t have Facebook, and that’s not a problem at all.  You can still create a regular account on the site without connecting it to Facebook.

How do I create a new account using my Facebook login?

To create a new account using your Facebook login, just go to https://sonlet.com/accounts/signup/ and click the blue Facebook “Log In” button:

It will ask you to log in to Facebook (if you’re not logged in already) and to authorize the ShopTheRoe application:

You will then be prompted to pick a username, email address, and select an account type:

If you’re a LuLaRoe consultant you’ll want to select “Consultant”, otherwise pick “Customer”.

And that’s it! When you visit the site in the future you can simply click the Facebook “Log In” button on the login page and you’ll be immediately logged in.

How do I connect my existing ShopTheRoe account to my Facebook login?

If you already have a ShopTheRoe account that you’d like to connect to your Facebook login, just head on over to https://sonlet.com/accounts/social/connections/ (which you can also find from your Profile -> Social Account Connections) and click the Facebook “Log In” button. It will look something like this:

It will ask you to log in to Facebook (if you’re not logged in already) and to authorize the ShopTheRoe application:

Click “Continue as <Your Name>” and you should be all set! You will now be able to log in to ShopTheRoe by clicking the Facebook “Log In” button, which is often faster and more convenient than typing in your password.


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    • Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t offer any way to purchase more quota, so we can’t offer any sort of enhanced membership plan either… 🙁 However, thanks to this update (the Facebook login button) we should see an increase in daily active users, which should increase our overall quota allocation, which might give us some flexibility on that limit.

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