Women’s Pockets are Inferior. – An article from pudding.cool

Here’s a fun read on women’s fashion that we think you’ll enjoy from pudding.cool.  Enjoy!!!


There are few things more frustrating than collecting your belongings only to realize that the pockets in your pants are too small to hold them. Or worse, the fabric designed to look like a pocket is merely for decoration and doesn’t open at all.


For wearers of women’s clothes, this struggle is so real. You don’t have to look far to find Twitter-rantsarticles, and videos in which people are either complaining about not having pockets or rejoicing over that rare gem that is the “dress with pockets”. And sure, we could all carry handbags, which is likely what the 8 billion dollar purse industry hopes we’ll do, but not everyone wants to carry a bag. Afterall, men’s pants pockets are basically the pockets of our dreams.

class=”prose”>But, like so many things on the internet, we could find complaints and anecdotes galore but little data illustrating just how inferior women’s pockets really are to men’s. So, we went there.

We measured the pockets in both men’s and women’s pants in 20 of the US’ most popular blue jeans brands. Take a look at what we found.

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